Black Nitrile Gloves

Black Nitrile Gloves

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 Black Nitrile Gloves.  Powder-Free. Latex-Free. Available sizes: Small- XL

1 box (100 gloves per box).


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for gloves has increased significantly. Along with unprecedented demand, there are now material and labor shortages, along with export restrictions. In short, manufacturers cannot keep up, causing an imbalance between supply and demand, which is impacting cost and availability. The world has already seen significant cost increases and will continue to see more increases from manufacturers until the glove business stabilizes. 

Even through these unpredictable cost increases, we will continue to order more stock for our customers, and will have to accept cost increases to get more stock. We try to keep our pricing as low as possible, but this will mean price increases on the PPE products we sell.

We appreciate your understanding as we weather this storm together.