Wipe Outz Shop Paper Towels - 1 roll

Wipe Outz Shop Paper Towels - 1 roll

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These revolutionary paper towel were designed specifically with tattoo artists' needs in mind. They produce less lint, which leads to less needle clogs, less irritated skin, and better-healed tattoos. They are gamma-sterilized and feature a select-size option. Field testing has shown that tattoo artists need less Wipe Outz Shop Towels than typical paper towels, which means a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option as well.  Tattoo artist tested and approved.


• Soft
• Durable
• Long Lasting
• Highly Absorbent
• Gamma-Sterilized
• Less Lint & Less Needle Clogs
• Select-Size (80-160 paper towels per roll)
• Sterilized for the Next Level in Tattoo Safety
• More Sustainable than Standard Paper Towels
• Designed, Tested, and Approved by Tattoo Artists
• Individually Wrapped Rolls with Poly Film to Help Prevent Contamination

1 roll